The best car to use on the Ugandan roads all depends on wherever you’ll be operating in Uganda. If your space of operation is that in the town and its suburbs, a light-weight vehicle can do for you considering the traffic, slender roads and fuel costs. So, select a sedan or estate Toyota vehicle most probably the Toyota Premio, Runx or ringlet/collora.

But if you propose to work outside the town, a radius of 30km and higher than, you’ll contend with a cross-over SUV like a Toyota Rav4, Nisan Xtrail, Subaru or Honda CRV. These area unit common in Uganda warranted warehouses at a reasonable value (as second user imports from Japan and elsewhere). Later models of those are accessible in {Kampala capita city of Uganda} from Toyota Uganda and Motorcare.

If you propose to work midland, you’d want a 4X4 SUV. In Uganda, the foremost well-liked and tested is that the Toyota land cruiser (it has many variants) and also the Hilux truck. They consume a touch of fuel. However they compensate their thirst with their performance.

Midland piece of land isn’t the most effective for lightweight vehicles. You may have to be compelled to steer afar from most European models like Mercedes, BMW among others. Whereas they’re changing into common on Ugandan roads, they hardly have support centers here (save for Mercedes, and its a monopoly, and solely accessible within the city centre at Spear Motors).

There’s conjointly a risk of shopping for one that was taken from Europe (if you’re buying second hand) then chances are Interpol will be at your door anytime. The Ugandan market is dominated by Japanese models, particularly Toyota. This makes Toyota automotives attract heap of car mischief and felony.

You either purchase insurance or conjointly safeguard key components of that area unit simply taken off for example lights, door handles, window buttons, radio, etc. Or, select a model that’s not well-liked. All in all, the type of car suitable for Ugandan roads depends on the work you’ll be doing and wherever you’ll be doing it from.